About the Artist –

Mary Roberts

AboutSo a little bit about the artist – me!

I grew up in the now, infamous Burren, my playground the limestone rock formations and my go to place….the sea, now better known as The Wild Atlantic Way!

That question, “were you always an arty child?” is often asked, and the answer is yes! From constructing dolls houses from cardboard boxes to drawing anything that stood/sat still long enough. But I didn’t get to fulfil my dream of art school until many years later. In between I was busy with life, work, marriage and raising three fantastic kids.

Then in 2008 I began a BA in Art & Design at CCAM, GMIT Galway. Here I was exposed to many new artists, their different styles and of course, lifelong friendships with like minded people. In 2014 I graduated and have grown my Art for Fun business facilitating weekly Adult Art Classes and Kids Summer Art Camps, while still working at my own art practise.

My love has always been oil painting and that will always be there. Over the past couple of years I’ve begun to work with Alcohol Inks and to say I’ve become addicted is an understatement. Their unpredictability is both frustrating and rewarding, but never boring! It is something I continue to explore and am constantly acquiring new methods and techniques to make my work more challenging and, hopefully, unique.

I feel privileged to work at something I love and never take it for granted. I am so thankful to all those who turn up for class each week, to those who have commissioned me to paint that special piece and those who have bought a piece of art work from me.

Long may it continue…