Mary Roberts

Childhood memories of exploring the jagged rocks of the Burren or watching the ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean, inform much of Mary Roberts work. A regular visitor to her native County Clare, these memories are constantly evolving as she sees new ways of capturing a constantly changing landscape, depending on weather conditions and lighting.
Art took a back seat for some years as Mary first studied Business in college, married and raised three children. Then in 2008, she had an opportunity to return to college, this time to complete her BA in Art & Design at CCAM, GMIT, Galway. During her time there she became intrigued with light, shadows and reflections. These still have strong influences in her work today.
Previously working in oils, she has recently developed a unique method of representing her subjects with the use of Alcohol Inks on ceramic tiles. Their unpredictable nature allows her to investigate the push and pull she associates with both the limestone formations of the Burren and the force of the Atlantic Ocean.
During the first ever Listowel Arts Festival in 2018, one of her works titled, Mullaghmore, was chosen by Artist and Illustrator, PJ Lynch, as ‘Best in Show’. Lynch states that this work succeeds in “purely abstract terms as much as a descriptive piece.”
Mary continues to challenge herself, investigating how she can further her artistic endeavours with this medium while still nurturing her beloved oils.
From September to June Mary also facilitates Adult Art classes, inclusive of beginners to the more advanced. These classes are often considered therapeutic by many as well as educational in a fun and social way.