kids art classes

Kids Art Classes Kilcolgan

Kids Art Classes Kilcolgan

Art offers an alternative to the many physical activities available for children; a means for them to express themselves creatively and emotionally. We all know how important physical exercise is for our children, art can be equally as important, providing some much needed down time in their busy lives. Kids Art Classes are now available each week in Kilcolgan, providing an opportunity for kids to try out different ways of creating art and also with an emphasis on drawing.

Kids Art ClassesMost children naturally love making art; painting, drawing and expressing themselves creatively. In school children have ample opportunity to use the left side of their brains, the logical thinking. Art allows the right side of the brain to come into play; emotionally, intuitively and creatively. It is important for both hemispheres of the brain to work in tandem and thus achieving full potential of the mind. In the art classes, I try to introduce as many different mediums and techniques as I can, opening up their minds to be as creative as possible.

Art provides many benefits  to children:

  • they learKids Art Classesn to think creatively, with an open mind
  • they learn to observe, describe, analyse and interpret the world around them
  • it allows them to express themselves, with or without words
  • practise problem-solving (even in art we need maths!) and critical thinking
  • they discover, just like Picasso did, that there are multiple points of view and more than one right answer.
  • art can be solitary but it can be also be collaborative which encourages interaction between the children
  • it builds confidence, every child can feel proud of his or her original artistic creation

Classes take place each Wednesday 3.30pm – 4.45pm during school term

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