Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall | Adult Art Class and Kids Art

All the paintings within the Gallery Wall have been produced by beginners who through instruction from me, Mary Roberts, and lots of practice and patience by the students themselves, have created wonderful art works.

Like all great artists through the ages, observing other artists work and trying to reproduce it, is a practice of value. It is a time tested discipline that has much to offer. No doubt if the artist themselves tried to reproduce their own work, it would most likely differ from the original.  In this respect, many student begin by taking an image by a favourite artist, a favourite subject or just something that appeals to them visually, and through observation and colour application begin the process of creating their own piece of artwork.

In the words of Picasso, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Many of the paintings on the Gallery Wall produced by the adult students are originals, ideas which have developed over time, from first copying artists and then progressing to their own ideas.

In the beginning there is always the hesitation of , “oh, I couldn’t paint that” and the surprise and delight when in fact they can! So, please have a look at the Gallery Wall and remember, all these paintings have been produced by amateurs and deserve our admiration.