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The act of drawing and painting opens us up to a whole new world, one full of colour, intrigue and fascination. In this busy world of ours, painting is a wonderful way to reduce stress and improve our general well being. At Art for Fun! Art Classes for Adults, you have the opportunity to work on different skills, methods and techniques in painting. Learn about colour mixing, the different mediums available and paint application. Over time you will learn to develop your own individual skills and techniques. To get you there why not contact me and avail of the support and direction found in a structured, but fun, Art for Fun! adult art class.

During the Summer months we all want to keep the kids entertained. Art for Fun! run Art Summer Camps over a two week period. For more information have a look at Art Camps for Kids.

Throughout the year Art for Fun! facilitate Kids Art Parties and will come to a venue of your choice and entertain your kids for a couple of hours. All materials are provided and each child goes home with an original work of art!

If you would like more information on any of the classes or the kids activities,  please contact me and I will answer your enquirers as quickly as possible.

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