Oil Painting Workshop Day

Oil Painting Workshop Day

I recently facilitated a gathering of enthusiastic and talented artists on an oil painting workshop day. Some had previous knowledge of oil painting whilst for others, it was a first.

Everyone received a copy of a still life set up and photographed by me. We started the process with a tonal painting using acrylics. This in itself was a valuable lesson in creating monochrome values. It also layed down the foundations for the oil painting to follow.

oil painting workshop day

As acrylic paint dry quickly, this process allowed everyone to progress with adding in colour using oils. Having the tonal values already worked out aided in the of mixing the correct colours for the actual painting.

Oil painting workshop

Even though everyone received the same still life to work on and the same colour palette to work with, each and every painting was unique! Showing of course how differently we perceive our surrounding and that what we create is so diverse and individual.