Oil Painting Workshop Day

Oil Painting Workshop Day

I recently facilitated a gathering of enthusiastic and talented artists on an oil painting workshop day. Some had previous knowledge of oil painting whilst for others, it was a first.

Everyone received a copy of a still life set up and photographed by me. We started the process with a tonal painting using acrylics. This in itself was a valuable lesson in creating monochrome values. It also layed down the foundations for the oil painting to follow.

oil painting workshop day

As acrylic paint dry quickly, this process allowed everyone to progress with adding in colour using oils. Having the tonal values already worked out aided in the of mixing the correct colours for the actual painting.

Oil painting workshop

Even though everyone received the same still life to work on and the same colour palette to work with, each and every painting was unique! Showing of course how differently we perceive our surrounding and that what we create is so diverse and individual.

Art for Fun Art Classes, Kilcolgan Co Galway

Art for Fun Art Classes, Kilcolgan, Co Galway

Welcome to Art for Art Classes, Kilcolgan, Co Galway. Art for Fun! runs Art Classes for Adults as well as Summer Camps for Kids and Kids Art Parties.

Adult Art Classes

Art for Fun, Kilcolgan, County Galway, provides art classes for those who wish to explore the joy of painting, whether in oil, acrylic or watercolour. Classes take place in a relaxed and friendly environment where students progress at there own pace, develop new techniques and create new friendships.

Many who attend the adult art classes began with little or no painting experience. With time and patience all have produced amazing art works as well as benefiting from the relaxation that comes from the process.

Art for Fun Kilcolgan County Galway
Dolmen, The Burren, Co. Clare

Whether inspiration comes from reference photographs or other source materials, direction is given from that blank canvas to the end product.

There is also some time out for a coffee or tea and of course, a chat!


 Art Summer Camp

During the SummerArt for Fun Kilcolgan County Galway months when kids have all that time off school, Art for Fun! facilitate Art Summer Camps for kids ranging in age 5 yrs – 12 yrs. This is an opportunity for kids to get messy and have fun with paint, clay, mixed media and lots more! To see some of the amazing work created by the kids, have a look at the Kids Art Galley

 Kids Art Parties

Art for Fun Kilcolgan County GalwayLooking for something different for your kids birthday party? Why not have Art for Fun! come to your house or a venue of your choice and entertain your party animals for a couple of hours! All materials are supplied, all you have to do is provide the food and cake (that’s just for me….kidding of course!) and Art for Fun! makes sure everyone goes home with a piece of art.